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US Robotics goes Linux


December 16th 2003

US Robotics has announced that its ground-breaking wireless cards now support users of open-source Linux operating systems, allowing 100 Mbps super-fast wireless access under Linux for the first time. The announcement means that Linux systems can now be included in high-speed wireless networks with a simple, easy to deploy solution.

“We’re delighted to be able to work with Linuxant to ensure that Linux users are aware that their US Robotics wireless cards can now operate with DriverLoader under Linux, at their full 100 Mbps capability, as well as supporting traditional 11, 22 and 54 Mbps networks,” said Tony Field, EMEA product manager at US Robotics.

DriverLoader, a revolutionary solution developed by Linux specialist, software developer and services company Linuxant, allows users of US Robotics’ USR5410 mobile wireless card and the USR5416 desktop PCI adapter to enjoy the full advantage of 100 Mbps wireless network connection under Linux on notebooks or desktop computers, with the same hardware drivers that US Robotics ships for Windows.

“We are proud to give owners of US Robotics' high speed networking products the freedom to use them under the operating system of their choice.” said Marc Boucher, president of Linuxant. “This means super-fast, secure, reliable 100 megabit networks are now open to Linux users with US Robotics’ products."

DriverLoader can be simply downloaded from Linuxant's web site for a 30 day free trial at Licenses for end-users have been affordably priced and can be purchased online from Linuxant's web store ( Upgrades to future versions will be provided at no extra charge for at least one year or longer. The software is easy to install on standard Linux distributions (RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake, TurboLinux, Debian, and derivatives) with any recent 2.4 or 2.6 kernel, and includes a user-friendly Web-based configuration system.


About Linuxant

Linuxant is a world-class supplier of consulting, software development and professional support services and works closely with leading vendors and OEMs of semiconductor, PC, embedded and communication/wireless products, as well as with companies in other industries, providing technological expertise and solutions to maximize the potential of Linux and open-source.

Additionally, Linuxant develops and distributes specialized system software, such as device drivers for specific applications. Linuxant softmodem drivers for Conexant chipsets are used worldwide by millions of people and included in leading Linux distributions.


About US Robotics

For three decades, U.S. Robotics has been the world’s leader in Internet access, delivering the highest quality and most innovative modems available. Since re-emerging as an independent company, U.S. Robotics has extended its leadership role in Internet access and connectivity, providing wireless networking products for homes and small offices, DSL modems for broadband access and wireless Internet devices.

The company is partnering with key industry players and new technology providers to bring consumers connectivity solutions through its extensive worldwide distribution channel. U.S. Robotics is committed to ensuring the quality, reliability and ease of use consumers have learned to expect from a leading company.

U.S. Robotics is privately held and headquartered in the Chicago area. For further information regarding the company and its products, please visit the Web site at

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