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Linuxant is dedicated to advancing Linux technologies and making its clients benefit by combining the advantages of Linux and open-source software with the quality and reliability of commercial-grade support. Delivering optimal solutions within schedule and budget constraints, and ensuring customer satisfaction are always our primary goals.

Our qualified teams of specialized professionals are available to consult in their areas of expertise, which include:

  • Linux kernel and application development
  • Networking, TCP/IP and related protocols
  • Telephony and Wireless communication (including VoIP, GSM, 802.11)
  • Low-level device and hardware programming
  • System integration
  • Embedded systems
  • Data security, Firewalls
  • General network and system administration in heterogeneous environments

We are focused on Linux, but also very open and comfortable with other mainstream platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, other Unix variants, special purpose embedded/realtime operating systems, etc.

Our experienced developers and consultants can also solidly implement new software modules, thoroughly analyze and elegantly solve problems, perform emergency interventions to rescue out of track projects and provide management/strategic advice.

We offer flexible arrangements, such as service contracts and special licensing on fair terms.

Customization and integration of Conexant chipset drivers for specific needs is also available.

Please feel free to contact for more information.

Users of Linuxant software, services, and technology include:

Infineon Conexant SIEMENS
D-Link U.S. Robotics IEEE


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